A Dynamic Partnership Has Been Formed

Sit-In Sport of Radici Pietro Industries & Brands S.p.A. and world leading turf manufacturer Controlled Products have partnered together to offer Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) recommended products to consumers in the Americas. This relationship developed when Sit-In Sport determined they desired a quality manufacturer that could not only meet the requirements of FIFA, but allow athletes to perform on a custom field system designed specifically for their needs.

One of the main goals of FIFA is to constantly improve, which made this partnership between Sit-In Sport and Controlled Products a perfect match. Controlled Products, with our ISO 9001 approved state-of-the-art facilities and desire to grow and improve constantly, makes us the perfect supplier for Sit-In Sport. Our facilities, along with extensive years of experience, allow us to produce an extraordinary product line unparalleled in the synthetic turf industry. We continuously improve our line of products, paying the utmost attention to detail by producing and testing in-house during all stages of manufacture, allowing us to produce the FIFA recommended Duration 50 and Duration 60.


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