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We are pleased to announce Controlled Products (CP) has joined forces with Purchase Green (PG).

Controlled Products is located in Dalton, GA and has been in business for 31 years. We are a U.S. based manufacturer that is ISO certified and specializes in artificial turf manufacturing. We are well diversified in all categories of turf, ranging from NFL fields to backyard landscaping products. Controlled Products prides itself in delivering high quality product and service. We go to market through several outlets; GrassTex™, Sporturf™ and Synthetic Turf International™ which are their branded solutions. In addition, we have a large private label business that spans fields and non-field products that are shipped worldwide.

About Purchase Green

A decade ago…

Brothers Tony and Nick Vena, along with their lifelong friend Mike Skeehan, found themselves presented with an opportunity to build a business in the then-nascent residential artificial grass market. The idea was simple – offer customers the ability to save money, water and time by transforming their landscapes with the highest-quality artificial grass at the best price. Just as important was to deliver on that promise while also providing the best possible customer service.


Quickly blossomed into the first Purchase Green showroom in San Dimas, which opened in 2009. It was soon apparent to the trio that they’d tapped into something remarkable as demand for Purchase Green artificial grass soared. A second Purchase Green location opened in Sacramento in 2010, followed shortly thereafter by locations in Las Vegas, San Jose and Escondido. Each new location was staffed by friends and family who so passionately believed in the Purchase Green vision that they left their previous jobs to help carry it out.


Happy, Helpful and Happy to Help!

You won’t find pushy salespeople at Purchase Green because we don’t hire pushy salespeople. We hire happy and helpful people instead. If you’re a DIYer and you want to tackle an artificial grass project yourself, we think that is fantastic and we’ll make sure we equip you with all the information you need to be successful. If you’re looking for an end-to-end, turnkey installation we’ll gladly handle that for you too. Whether online or in-store, we’re here to answer any question you might have about artificial grass or solar landscape lights.

Our Mission

At Purchase Green our passion is helping our customers create sustainable beauty by developing products that are as easy on nature as they are on the eye. Our mission is to offer the best products at the best prices with the best service. Our solutions beautify while saving water and energy for the environment and time and money for our customers. And our philosophy is simple – we educate. You decide.

We don’t believe in the hard sell. At Purchase Green we believe in educating our customers so each of them can choose the perfect solution to meet their needs. That’s why, whether online or in-store, you’ll find Purchase Green employees are always happy, helpful and happy to help!