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In Recent years, as synthetic turf has become more and more affordable, its use in landscaping has become more prevalent in areas where natural grass is not a possibility or even where customers are just looking for the most beautiful landscaping available with virtually zero maintenance. However, with all of the features synthetic turf brings (no need for watering, avoidance of pesticides, weed killers, and fertilizers, as well as the immaculate aesthetics) there are still limitations with synthetic grass and certain precautions must be taken when installing synthetic grass around homes, offices, and commercial centers. Although we take every precaution and conduct all of the necessary testing on all our yarn types, there are certain things which are ‘natural enemies’ of synthetic turf.

One of those natural enemies is actually the combination of sunlight with a secondary reflective surface. Today’s most beautiful synthetic turf is developed with a polyethylene yarn. This polyethylene yarn has a melting point in the range of 175°-200° F. When the sun reflects off of surfaces like windows, polished gutters, mirrors, and reflective panels, it concentrates the sunlight like magnifying glass. This can cause the temperature of the grass to quickly rise. If that temperature exceeds the polymer melt point, you end up with turf that shrinks or in extreme cases completely disintegrates. In essence, it has melted.

Unfortunately, this is not something we can prevent, as it is tied to a secondary source which creates this issue. We all like to have warranties and guarantees for the products we purchase. However, the case of synthetic turf melting due to a secondary reflective surface is not a warranted item. This is why it is critical for installers to take the time to study the surroundings and predetermine where a secondary reflective surface may result in potential damage to the synthetic turf.

This potential problem has only one remedy: PREVENTION. It is absolutely critical that residential and commercial owners and the installers they choose first observe the surroundings and mark where secondary reflective surfaces might create an issue. Once the study is completed, a review of the potential reflective candidates should be made and an assessment must be made as to whether an adjustment or modification would eliminate or mitigate the potential issue. In the case of windows, often times an awning might be required or even a simple screen on the outside of the window. For other reflective surfaces, you may need to utilize a non-reflective paint. These are relatively inexpensive and can also offer an added benefit of reducing your electricity bill. It will also allow you many years of enjoyment of your synthetic turf installation. In the event that it is not possible to reduce a secondary reflective surface such as an office building or a neighbor’s home next door, it may be necessary to find an alternative landscaping for that specific zone. Maybe a pebble stone area or mulch along with a tree or bird bath for this area is all you need to keep the beauty and not have to deal with this challenged area.

At any rate, the key to this issue is taking precautions, being conscious of your surroundings, and making adjustments to these areas of concerns before you install your beautiful landscaping. This way, once the job is complete, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the many benefits of synthetic turf.

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