We provide our dealers with a variety of products and services that they can use to meet their clients’ needs. Our entire business is built around providing two things consistently: uncompromising quality and adaptable options that are designed to fill any application.

  • A long-term backing of support, safety, and innovation. We are with you for life, to answer your questions and help you maximize the use you get out of your turf. Our clients and distributors receive proper and correct installation, maintenance, and the assurance that we are always striving to remain at the apex of the industry; leading others in safety and innovative new practices.
  • Providing environmentally sound products. We’ve pioneered the research that has resulted in sustainable, responsible turf that saves resources for the length of its life. Billions of gallons of water are saved annually since our turfs require no watering. Dangerous chemicals from fertilizers and pesticides are also no longer needed, reducing negative effects on the environment.
  • Information on installation methods that are more effective and that have less impact on the environment. We can provide the support you need to install your turf with a maximum of efficiency and a minimum of hassle.
  • The latest research and development that is evident in each of our products. That’s how we know that we supply the highest quality synthetic turf on the market; simply a matter of complete information and intelligent choices.